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The research focus of the Institute of Labour Economics is mainly empirical. Our interests cover fields such as education, migration, wage and employment dynamics, inequality, gender issues, the economics of the public sector, and questions of identification in applied econometrics. You find our most important research output listed in the Publications section.

Our research has been funded by institutions like the Anglo-German Foundation, the European Union, the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, the German Mail Foundation (Deutsche Post Stiftung), the German Science Foundation (DFG), the Ministry of Research and Cultural Affairs of Lower Saxony (Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur), the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), and the Volkswagen Foundation.

At the University of Hannover, we teach courses in Labour Economics, Personnel Economics and Applied Econometrics.


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Seminar Personnel Economics - Summer term 2018

Preliminary talk of the Seminar Personnel Economics will take place on 30.01.2018 Tuesday at 11:00 in room I 112 (1501).

The list of topics and a brief introduction of them will be presented in the preliminary talk then students will have two weeks to submit their topic preferences. Topics will be allocated based on their preferences list and the rule of first come first serve.

Composition of the examination is based on one-page executive summary and presentation of your topic in a colloquium. You can download the formal requirement and remarks.

Submission of work: mid/end May, 2018 at the secretary’s office (I-024) or at any member of the Institute of Labour Economics. Colloquium for presentation: beginning June, 2018.

The exact date for submission of work and colloquium’s day will be announced in our preliminary talk.


If you have any questions, please contact Pavel Jelnov, Ph.D. or Dr. Hamed M.Moghadam.

Seminar Labour Economics and Research Seminar - Summer term 2018

Kick-off meeting and topic assignment is on January 17th, 2018 at 11:30 in room VII-004. List of topics, formal requirements and further information can be found here.