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Seminar Labour Economics / Research Seminar / Seminar Population Economics - Winter term 2018/2019

Preliminary talk will take place on 20.06.2018 Wednesday at 16:30 in room I-332 (1501).

Based on the main paper and own literature review the students should be able to discuss an economically relevant issue. As part of the assignment the students should demonstrate their ability to work scientifically. Furthermore, they need to show a profound understanding of the given study and their ability of prioritization within the literature of the regarding field of study. You can download the list of topics (Seminar Labour Economics & Research Seminar) (Seminar Population Economics) and the formal requirements and remarks.

Submission of work: until 4th October 2018 (12:00, midday) via e-mail to your supervisor. Colloquium for presentation: 24th October, 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact  Alexander Straub.